Smooth Jazz USA Radio

Written by on December 30, 2018

Smooth Jazz USA Radio

when speaking of radio station Smooth Jazz 102.2 Jazz FM from London and 100.4 Jazz FM from North West played regularly.

In 2003, Guardian Media Group was started and generate playlists mainly consisting of cool listening emotion and pop.

In North West station and in London amendment in the name of station us Smooth Jazz USA Radio and released their playlist and play together. At that time launched in some area of the UK close to that area.

Smooth Jazz USA Radio

as part of its relaunch, smooth jazz USA Radio and funk have also been played along with more conventional and old-fashioned jazz yield as playing by former UK jazz station the jazz, was relaunched under a three-year deal with the local radio company to relaunch Jazz FM primarily with smooth jazz USA Radio output in the daytime on October 6, 2008, and early hours of the morning, though, smooth jazz USA Radio productivity has since been dropped from the list as of September 2012.

In the UK nevertheless, the only radio station that commonly played smooth jazz was 102.2 Jazz FM in London and 100.4 Jazz FM in the North West. This is one of the most liked, loved, most listened to music of the days and is the hot story of the days of the society everywhere.

Some of the smooth jazz radio stations are as follows.

  • KFNY102.9, Centralia (Seattle/Tacoma) located in Washington
  • KJZY 99.1 “Jazzy 99.1”: Santa Rosa located in California
  • KNIK-LP: 87.75 Anchorage located in Alaska (Channel 6 television station operating as a radio station)
  • KOAZ: 1510, translator K279BP on 103.7 FM, Albuquerque located in New Mexico, 95.9 FM located in Santa Fe
  • KWBR-LP: 105.7 St. George located in Utah
  • KWDR: 102.3 located in Royal City, Wenatchee, Kennewick Washington
  • WAEG: 92.3 “Smooth Jazz 92.3”: Augusta, Georgia
  • WBWH-LP: 96.1 Bluffton located in Ohio
  • WMUZ: 1200, Detroit located in Michigan – late nights only
  • WEIB: 106.3 located in Northampton and Massachusetts
  • WFSK-FM: 88.1 located in Nashville and Tennessee
  • WNWV: 107.3 “107.3 The Wave”: Elyria/Cleveland located in Ohio
  • WSBZ: 106.3 located in Destin and Florida
  • WAJH: 91.1 Birmingham and in Alabama
  • WSIE-FM: 88.7, Carbondale located in Illinois


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