Relaxing Music Radio station

Written by on January 14, 2019

Relaxing Music Radio station

is envisioned for the determination of persuading a sense of calm and relaxation upon its listener. Relaxation Music Radio station may comprise and is not limited to any of the following: ambient, nature, chill out, new age and downtempo. No matter who you are, life can occasionally get a bit disordered.

So, when you’re feeling a slight worried out, it’s important to take some much-needed ‘me time’ and entirely unwind. With an enormous choice of arithmetical and internet radio at your fingertips, it’s a vivid platform to discover stations designed to help you sleep, meditate or merely chill out. Playing non-stop chill out the melody from twilight till dawning, this radio station is available on DAB in London and the East Midlands, and on internet radio just about universally in the world. Starting off as a trial of like-minded people who exchanged mixes and compilations, Chill has now changed into an enormously general station across the globe for people looking for a soothing fix of genres like trip-hop, ambient and more.

Best combination of jazz music

Permitting by the station themselves, ABC Lounge summonses hearers to laze in the sun of the French Riviera. We’re not sure about you, but that resonances like a summons too decent to turn down! An easy listening playlist that combines the best of jazz, lounge and chill-out music, the station is a flawless tonic for when life gets a bit too traumatic. List of ABC Lounge music is as follows:

  • Something feels so good by lamb and Meyer
  • Where does the ocean go? By Katie
  • Sofia by Adam Dunning
  • In the waiting by Kina Grannis
  • In my Life by Rita Lee
  • Harry Barry by Shoe

Relaxing Music Radio station

Meditation is verified conduct for stress, anxiety, and depression, as thriving as being great for all-around mental comfort. This UK-based internet radio station has a 24-hour playlist of calm, ambient melody that’s explicitly designed to promote the meditative experience – whether you’re a newcomer to the practice or a master guru. List of meditation songs are as follows:

  • Meditation Zen
  • Healing Energy
  • Electronic Soundscapes
  • Feng Shui
  • Lotus Blossom


Starting part of Magic’s superb family of stations, this online-only gem vaunts a playlist of eternal, relaxing tunes from a host of world-renowned performers. Talented non-stop hits, with no filler in vision, Mellow Magic is the perfect radio target for those who love to unwind to the acquainted sound of iconic artists like Bob Marley, Fleetwood Mac and many more. Top hit mellow music is as follows:

  • Marconi Union, “Weightless”
  • Airstream, “Electra”
  • DJ Shah, “Mellomaniac (Chillout Mix)”
  • Enya, “Watermark”
  • Coldplay, “Strawberry Swing”
  • Barcelona, “Please Don’t Go”


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