Premium Smooth Jazz Radio Channel

Written by on January 3, 2019

Premium Smooth Jazz Radio Channel

The smooth jazz music mix comprised of 70 percent instrumentals and 30 percent lyrics. Programmers no longer stared the music as purely “background”. The format’s most effective stations included WNUA, KKSF, KOAI, WNWV and KIFM, as well as WQCD, which had an important rating increase in fall 1993. In 1994, smooth jazz practiced the largest increase in the relationship between audience share and promotion profits (“power ratio”). Though the format was snowballing in popularity, M Street Journal counted 43 stations in the arrangement, down from 64 in 1989.

KKJZ Radio Channel

But new stations such as KKJZ in Portland, Oregon and KLJZ in New Orleans experienced instantaneous success. The smooth jazz radio set-up sustained to raise and thrive through the 1990s and early 2000s, nevertheless in the late 2000s most markets began losing smooth jazz stations.

More Smooth Jazz radio stations

“The Seabreeze” in Destin, Florida. The format was less mutual at its uttermost due to relative lack of content to accomplish Canadian gratified regulations. Conversely, smooth jazz or some modified thereof has made a slight comeback in some markets, via AM stations. FM HD side channel/analog decoder combos also temporarily allowed the setup to return to the airwaves in markets such as Detroit, Orlando, Florida; all of these have since transformed format.

In January 2012, in an erratic case, a previous smooth jazz station really returned to its former format after the additional format had failed. WNWV-FM in Cleveland had released its long-running “Wave” smooth-jazz arrangement in favor of adult alternative after Christmas of 2009, under the ownership of Elyria-Lorain Broadcasting. On January 4, 2012, new holders Rubber City Radio Group reinstated the “Wave” format to the analog radio dial in Cleveland as a Smooth AC outlet, after a period of restricting with Christmas music. Since 2013 the station has changed back into smooth jazz, though the word “jazz” is not involved in the station’s imaging.

Enjoy premium smooth jazz music

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Some of the smooth jazz radio stations are as follows.

  • WMUZ: 1200 , Detroit located in Michigan – late nights only
  • WEIB: 106.3 located in Northampton and Massachusetts
  • WFSK-FM: 88.1 located in Nashville and Tennessee
  • WNWV: 107.3 “107.3 The Wave”: Elyria/Cleveland located in Ohio


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