Jazz Vs Smooth Jazz

Written by on January 14, 2019

Jazz Vs Smooth Jazz

Wes Montgomery (guitarist) and Creed Taylor (producer) are the founders of smooth jazz. In the 60s they work together and make some simple and easy instrumental pop music which had various type of traditional jazz music. Many people like traditional jazz music and listen to feel calm. Actually, smooth jazz produces in that way people like very much and smooth jazz is popular as background music of public. Smooth jazz play in restaurants, hotels, during dinner and public like this.


Comparison of Smooth jazz and Cool jazz

Smooth jazz is music and format of radio also. Nowadays it affiliated as a piece of adult music and they named smooth jazz. It is a simple justification of smooth jazz. Grover Washington and Kenny G sing this music.

Cool jazz is a type of jazz who’s popular in the 1950s and early1960s. Cool jazz is a hot soloing and interesting lyrics. Birth of the cool song by Miles Davis’s is the example of cool jazz. Cool jazz is known as instrumental music also.

Jazz VS Smooth jazz

Difference between smooth jazz and jazz ballad

One of the examples of radio format music is smooth jazz. With the passage of time, it has been related with to the adult’s music category. Smooth jazz has a bit similarity with the jazz music but not the basic ones to which actions can be taken. The narrowly distance between the properties of smooth jazz and real jazz music allows people to like one and decline other. One music is all about music and it’s a tune and that is ballad music which is also a skill full jazz. This music tells us the story through its expressions, tunes, and wordings.

A highly popular genre of jazz music is the smooth music, and also it is very easy to the ear. For the smooth jazz, two things play the melody and they are guitars and saxophones.  There is a huge difference between the contemporary jazz and smooth jazz which many people are unable to tell others. The music which doesn’t allow much of the audience’s attention moreover suits well on the background is the smooth jazz. However, contemporary music is opposite to it and requires the full attention of the listener. According to facts and figures of many people, we conclude that smooth jazz is losing its importance and popularity and its radio support. An advanced genre named Urban Contemporary is going to improvise jazz according to the research. This genre is comprised of the elements of hip-hop and their target is the younger audience of the society.

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