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Our Channels

Blues Cafe Channel

Blues Cafe

A fusion of blues and rock music performed by the best artists.

Bossa Nova Channel

Bossa Nova

Relaxing rhythms and soft vocals is a journey into the world of Bossa Nova.

Brazil Channel


Tropical and rhythmic music direct from Brazil.

Chanson Channel


Raise your spirits and enjoy the songs of the Parisian streets.

Jazz Fusion

This channel is for fans of jazz rock, fusion and more advanced jazz music.

Jazz Vocal

A unique combination of soft and relaxing jazz vocal music.

New Age Channel

New Age

Relaxing and soothing electronic music.Enjoy the sounds of nature.

Nu Jazz

Jazz music with elements of soul, electronic music and funk.


The most popular artists and hits in Latin jazz music.

Smooth Jazz Live - Your Favorite Radio Station

In the history of music, jazz has its own significant recognition throughout the time. Due to its popularity in modern times, Nathan Basuik made this website Smooth Jazz Israel in 2013. Nathan Basuik himself is a brilliant jazz pianist, music composer, and producer. His aim was to relive and enjoy the smooth jazz music for all those who have been fond of jazz since the classic age. He has established this website on a radio format in which there are 16 channels that include all type of jazz music around the globe with multiple languages. This website’s specialty is that they have been playing the smooth jazz version of jazz music in which they mix old and modern jazz. This kind of smooth jazz is a retreat for all people. These channels play your all-time favorite songs 24/7 round the clock. One of the great things about this website is that youngsters, adults, middle-aged, and even old peeps love this website and its channels.  Anyone of them can tune into their favorite channels and enjoy the non-stop treat of smooth jazz.

If you are a new person to this website, then you can listen to any channel of these 16 channels for 1 day. one day  will be free and you can decide to buy a premium account here. After that one day, you will have to buy the account to listen to the amazing jazz songs, live recordings, and the mix of old and new jazz music which is basically known as the smooth jazz by our favorite musicians. Smooth Jazz Israel offers discount on premium accounts from time to time but the prices for buying the account and registration of yourself is very affordable that any millennial can afford it just fine, If anyone register him or herself with the Smooth Jazz Israel, then he will have the opportunity to add his or her favorite jazz songs into the songs lists.


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